Underwater formwork Sesimbra port by RÚBRICA MARITIME THE EXPERTISE: MORE THAN 25 YEARS designed and produced special equipment FOR MARITIME WORKS Underwater concrete formwork equipment Sesimbra port View Project Self-supporting formwork tunnel Tesalia by Rúbrica Engineering Equipment with an adaptable section Self-supporting formwork equipment tunnel Tesalia (Colombia) View Project Special formwork for precast arch positioning by Rúbrica Engineering TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS Special project for precast arch positioning (EAU) View Project Special Formwork travellers New Barrow Bridge Ireland by RUBRICA BRIDGES OUR PILLARS: SECURITY - PRICE AND FUNCTIONALITY Special travellers equipment for N25 New Ross bypass (Ireland) View Project RÚBRICA UNIQUE PROJECTS & UNIQUE SOLUTIONS Special Formwork anti-scouring mattress connection structure, Viaduc Littoral (Reunion Island) View Project Special formwork travellers for Atlantic bridge by RUBRICA BRIDGES WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN MOVABLE STRUCTURES Special formwork travellers for Atlantic bridge (Panamá) View Project Formwork Traveller Mersey gateway bridge by Rubrica Bridges FACTS: WE REDUCE WORKSITE DELIVERY TIME Special formwork travellers for Mersey gateway bridge (UK) View Project Almonte Bridge: closing phase formwork travellers by Rubrica Bridges WR: 384 M FREE SPAN RAILWAY ARCH BRIDGE Special formwork travellers for the Almonte river bridge (Spain) View Project



Rúbrica Engineering designed and produced special equipment for in-place casting of bridges, precast moulds, self-launching falsework, tunnel forms, special systems and unique projects

Our competence fields are:





We work in unique projects, where the innovation and advanced technology is the difference.


  • Special formwork for precast arch positioning by Rúbrica Engineering
    September 14, 2020
    New special project finished in Abu Dhabi
    Please see our new special project finished, precast arch positioning in our projects section: See the project
  • June 22, 2020
    Wing and formwork travellers for The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge
    Santiago Andrés Sales, Project Coordinator ´New Ross´, MSc Civil Engineer, Rúbrica Engineering Watch all in e-mosty magazine 
  • May 18, 2020
    Renovation works of the Club de Mar, Palma
    The complete renovation of the Club de Mar has started and the works will be expected to finish in 2022. They will be carried out by the construction companies FCC and the Mallorcan Vopsa, and will turn this port...
  • Tunnel formwork Quindio by RÚBRICA TUNNELS
    February 3, 2020
    Short tunnels Quindio Sector´s (Colombia)
    The assembly and first laying of the "Expanded Sector" of the work has already been carried out. This tunnel has three sections of different sizes. We have designed a shell that fits the two larger ones and a second...
  • Special maritime formwork Rúbrica Engineering
    January 2, 2020
    Finishing the work Capping beam Palma de Mallorca Port
    We are finishing the work in the Poniente quay, Palma de Mallorca Port, with our special maritime formwork, capping beam formwork. See the last pictures. 
  • Form travelers Consorcio Vía Al Mar1 Bridge by RÚBRICABRIDGES
    November 20, 2019
    Status Consorcio Vía Al Mar 1 Bridge, Colombia
    The Prosperity Highway project has as its main objective to generate a road interconnection between the city of Medellín with the main highway concessions in the country, and which, in turn, connect it with the main commercial exchange centers...
  • October 15, 2019
    (only in spanish version) - Artículo revista ROP Septiembre 2019
  • October 7, 2019
    Formworks travelers for two different types of reinforced concrete arch bridges
    (Only available in english - solo disponible en inglés)Rúbrica Engineering were in the last Arch 2019 (9th international conference on arch bridges) in Porto.Here you are the article presented on the Conference.Formworks travelers for two different types of reinforced...
  • Assembly Form Travelers Cebulink bridge by RÚBRICA BRIDGE
    September 3, 2019
    Assembly form travelers Cebulink bridge