Self-launching formwork tunnel Helios Ruta del Sol

  Rubrica Tunnels

Customer: Consorcio Vial Helios


Location: Departamento de Cundinamarca, Bogotá
Year: 2018 - 2019

The construction of tunnel 8 involves the execution of two tubes, one for each direction of circulation. On the left road the length is 1880 m, and on the right road the length of the tunnel is 1866 m.

What was the challenge?:
Equipment consisting of 4 tunnel formwork 15 m long for lining the tunnels with radius 5.70 / 6.40 m and 2 transport trolleys that allow work in alternate stalls or bumps, the installation of the ventilation duct and a wide passage of vehicles during their utilization.

Another self-supporting formwork of 5 m advance and radius 8.13 / 6.40 is also supplied for the lining of the parking bay or siding, a telescopic formwork capable of retracting to be able to pass through the smaller section of the main tunnel without the need for disassemble.

Both formwork, the tunnel and the parking bay, also have the option of being combined to achieve a 4.8 m advance formwork for the execution of the curved sections with the smallest radius of the tunnel.

Along with the main formwork, the base beam formwork is also supplied as well as the formwork for the execution of the SOS niche, a formwork that allows the joint execution of the niche cavity with the tunnel lining.


Road project planned in order to improve and optimize land access from the center of the country to the Atlantic coast.
This section 1, with a length of 78 km, is part of the more than 1000 km of the connecting axis from Villeta to Ciénaga, which is divided into 3 sections.
The Ruta del sol Sector 1 project is located in the Department of Cundinamarca, between the municipalities of Villeta and Puerto Salgar, passing through Quebradanegra, Guaduas and Caparrapí. It begins in the path La Masata of the municipality of Villeta km 64, of the road that connects this municipality with Honda, Tolima.