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Special formwork travellers for Atlantic bridge

  Rubrica Bridges

Customer: Vinci Grand Projects


Location: Colón (Panamá Canal)
Year: 2016-18

Cycle of the traveler, automation of the sequence & precast installation and adaptability.


Lifting of the FT including the precast, as was unable to place crane in pir table. Inner form capable to fold and pass through over a hole 30% of their open configuration. Precast movement and operativity during normal cycle, avoiding the use of big cranes during construction phase.

What was the challenge?:

Achieve a structure capable to withstand the 300 tons of segment in 1 phase using less than 200 tons of steel, as well as to design the inner form capable to pass through the gap of the inner form, which was a big challenge.

Rubrica Innovation:
Lighter structure than competitors, delivery time and technical solution for the porecast placement as well as for the inner form operation.

4 No. R-1900 series form travellers for the construction of a cable stay bridge