Self-supporting formwork equipment tunnel Tesalia


Self-supporting formwork equipment tunnel Tesalia

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: Construcciones El Condor
Country: Colombia
Location: Caldas
Year: 2020


It is the longest tunnel in the so-called Eje Cafetero with 3.5 km. It is a tunnel with a design that separates the section into two zones, the transit zone and the facilities zone, by means of an upper slab that will be built later. It also has three different sections that vary throughout the tunnel according to the needs of the work. Rúbrica Engineering contributes to this project three shells and two travelers that circulate on rails, which allow the work in bumps (alternate layings) for a faster progress of the work.

Section changes inside the tunnel to be carried out in the shortest possible time. Geometry with the bracket to support the precast slab. Adaptation to a previously existing partial lining in some sections. Ample free space under the formwork.

What was the challenge?:
Obtain a team that was capable of modifying its section (enlarge or reduce) inside the tunnel by means of a transverse telescopic system and a geometry with three sections was adapted, always conditioned by the slab support bracket. They must also be equipment that allows a lower free passage for vehicles, a ventilation tube, being able to move forward with alternate positions, a concrete distributor and access to all the concreting points.