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Sheet pile wall in Caucedo Port

The first phase guiding structure is already prepared to start driving the piles for the construction of the sheet pile wall in Caucedo port, Santo Domingo.

Starting works of the finishing platform in Edinburgh

The asssembly of the Finishing Platform has begun in Edinburgh. There are 3 platforms of 40m each, which will provide access to workers on the bottom surface of the already finished deck of Queensferry Crossing Bridge.

Starting a new capping beam project in Palma

Starting capping beam in the North-west Quay in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). The first segment of the capping beam in the North-west Quay in Palma de Mallorca has been built after a series of initial efforts, and the generation of some auxiliary elements to adapt the...

On good form

Article published on Bridge magazine


Rúbrica Ingeniería, thanks to its division RÚBRICA TUNNELS, and through its subsidiary in Colombia RÚBSTER, consolidates the growth in that country, positioning itself as the reference brand in engineering solutions for tunneling equipment. Among the main civil works...

Construction of the Mulatos tunnel formwork (Colombia)

Construction of the Mulatos tunnel in the Pacífico 2 connection highway concession in Colombia. The equipment is composed of one formwork and one traveller of radius 6.40 / 4.66 m, and advance 15m divisible into two independent formworks of 9 m and 6 m. It is supplied...

Time-lapse of our Lifting structure in Viaduc Littoral

Time-lapse of our Lifting structure designed to carry a load up to 1900tn is on the submersible platform. Rúbrica Ingeniería design and produce special formworks & special structures for unique solutions.  

Our engineers giving assistance in Reunion Island

Last week, our engineers Paula Rinaudo and Juan Novoa, has been in Reunion Island giving assistance in the next points: Spreader beam is already assembly and onsite test are being done. Test on air, to check proper behavior of winches and hydraulic system were...

Supervision formwork platform , Atlantic Bridge, Panamá

Last week our Production Control department did a supervision work for our cliente, Vinci Grand Projects, in the Atlantic bridge of Panamá. The procedure consisted in the assembly and installations of a platform below of the panel, to carry out the operations of the...

New RÚBRICA BRIDGES video: you will watch the last Rúbrica Special Projects.

Great video that collect all the last Rúbrica special projects. In 60 seconds you will watch years of expertise and know how...We are specialized in formwork equipment for in-place casting of bridges and precast elements