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Formworks travelers for two different types of reinforced concrete arch bridges

(Only available in english - solo disponible en inglés) Rúbrica Engineering were in the last Arch 2019 (9th international conference on arch bridges) in Porto. Here you are the article presented on the Conference. Formworks travelers for two different types of...

Capping beam installed in Gävle Port

We are starting the works in Gävle Port pouring the first setting (12m) of capping beam over piles screen. Everything goes well!

Works keep going ahead in Maputo Port

The status of our self-launching falsework patented is really good and works go ahead. The closing phase of the dock begins with the assembly of the structure for the edge zone.

Single arm friction grippers for La Esfinge Port

Last test before loading two single arm friction grippers for La Esfinge Port in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They will be in charge of the movement and positioning of 5 tn and 8 tn cubic blocks for the protection of the coast. This model of gripper has been supplied...

Last finishing platform

Last finishing platform for Forth Crossing bridge in Edinburgh. We did it!

Time-lapse pre-assembly Cebu Link Expressway Main Bridge

Preassembly of one of the symmetrical halves that form the inner formwork for the Cebu Link Expressway main bridge. In the preassembly a simulation of the movement the formwork will have to do is conducted to test its correct operation. Due to the situation of the...

Sheet pile wall in Caucedo Port

The first phase guiding structure is already prepared to start driving the piles for the construction of the sheet pile wall in Caucedo port, Santo Domingo.

Starting works of the finishing platform in Edinburgh

The assembly of the Finishing Platform has begun in Edinburgh. There are 3 platforms of 40m each, which will provide access to workers on the bottom surface of the already finished deck of Queensferry Crossing Bridge.