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Construction of the Mulatos tunnel formwork (Colombia)

Construction of the Mulatos tunnel in the Pacífico 2 connection highway concession in Colombia. The equipment is composed of one formwork and one traveller of radius 6.40 / 4.66 m, and advance 15m divisible into two independent formworks of 9 m and 6 m. It is supplied...

Time-lapse of our Lifting structure in Viaduc Littoral

Time-lapse of our Lifting structure designed to carry a load up to 1900tn is on the submersible platform. Rúbrica Ingeniería design and produce special formworks & special structures for unique solutions.  

Our engineers giving assistance in Reunion Island

Last week, our engineers Paula Rinaudo and Juan Novoa, has been in Reunion Island giving assistance in the next points: Spreader beam is already assembly and onsite test are being done. Test on air, to check proper behavior of winches and hydraulic system were...

Supervision formwork platform , Atlantic Bridge, Panamá

Last week our Production Control department did a supervision work for our cliente, Vinci Grand Projects, in the Atlantic bridge of Panamá. The procedure consisted in the assembly and installations of a platform below of the panel, to carry out the operations of the...

New RÚBRICA BRIDGES video: you will watch the last Rúbrica Special Projects.

Great video that collect all the last Rúbrica special projects. In 60 seconds you will watch years of expertise and know how...We are specialized in formwork equipment for in-place casting of bridges and precast elements

Closing in Atlantic Bridge Panamá

See the last video Closing in Atlantic Bridge Panamá

Work progress capping beam in Haifa Port

The capping beam of the alignment Q8 in the port of Haifa is finally finished, in the alignment Q7 remains only the last segment to be poured and two of the formworks have been assembled to work simultaneously in the Q6 to speed up the construction of the same.

Status Floating self-launching formwork Syncrolift Barcelona

The construction of the Syncrolift in Barcelona is about to finish module 2 of the pier. Segment 13th was already poured last week and this week will be made the 14th and last segment, both with peculiar characteristics as they are the closing section of the pier and...

Construction crown-wall in Marina bay d´Alger

The works in Marina Bay de Algiers finally starts the construction of the 4.5 m high and 3 m wide crown-wall which alignment describes a curved path. After an initial difficulty in the concreting of the upper and narrowest part of the section by overflowing of the...

RÚBRICA MARITIME 2017, annual report

Two of the most important works carried out last year have been the formwork for a capping beam on a sheet-pile wall in the port of Haifa in Israel, the formwork have to execute three different alignments with different geometries and characteristics in each one of them. And the mixed formwork of self-launching system and floating tables for the construction of the Syncrolift wharf in the port of Barcelona.