Maritime projects using movable formwork

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New special project finished in Abu Dhabi

Please see our new special project finished, precast arch positioning in our projects section: See the project

Équipages Mobiles De Coffrage Spécial “The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge” (Only in english)

Santiago Andrés Sales, Project Coordinator ´New Ross´, MSc Civil Engineer, Rúbrica Engineering Watch all in e-mosty magazine  


La rénovation complète du Club de Mar a commencé et la fin des travaux est prévue pour 2022, ils seront réalisés par les entreprises de construction FCC et Mallorcan Vopsa, et feront de ce port le plus moderne de toute la Méditerranée. (Club del Mar) Rúbrica...

Short tunnels Quindio Sector´s (Colombia)

The assembly and first laying of the "Expanded Sector" of the work has already been carried out. This tunnel has three sections of different sizes. We have designed a shell that fits the two larger ones and a second shell for the small one, while the transfer formwork...

Finishing the work Capping beam Palma de Mallorca Port

We are finishing the work in the Poniente quay, Palma de Mallorca Port, with our special maritime formwork, capping beam formwork. See the last pictures.  

Status Puente Vía Al Mar 1, Colombia

El proyecto Prosperity Highway tiene como objetivo principal generar una interconexión vial entre la ciudad de Medellín con las principales concesiones viales del país y que, a su vez, la conecte con los principales centros de intercambio comercial como la costa del...

Formworks travelers for two different types of reinforced concrete arch bridges

(Only available in english - solo disponible en inglés) Rúbrica Engineering were in the last Arch 2019 (9th international conference on arch bridges) in Porto. Here you are the article presented on the Conference. Formworks travelers for two different types of...