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We work in unique projects, where the innovation and advanced technology is the difference.


  • décembre 11, 2023
    The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway bridge project has won the "Innovation in Construction 2023" award from IABSE - International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.
    The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway bridge project  has won the "Innovation in Construction 2023" award from IABSE - International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.We are thrilled to announce that the Cebu Bridge has been honored with the prestigious "Best Bridge in Construction...
  • octobre 1, 2023
    Rubrica´s new record of the largest concrete cast in our history
    Exciting news!We have achieved a new record of the largest concrete cast in our history, which happened in Denmark as part of the construction of the world's longest submerged tunnel.Our formwork has demonstrated its strength by withstanding a concrete pour...
  • juin 12, 2023
    Cable-stayed Pattullo Bridge
    After Rúbrica´s latest visit to the cable-stayed Pattullo Bridge, the final assembly review has been successfully completed, and a preliminary inspection has been carried out in preparation for the upcoming load test. This marks a significant milestone in the project´s...
  • avril 17, 2023
    A1-M1 bridge in the Republic of Mauritius
    We are pleased to show the progress of the construction process for the A1-M1 bridge in the Republic of Mauritius. In the image, you can see four temporary structures that have been used for the execution of the dock table....
  • février 6, 2023
    Patullo Bridge
    The segment lifters intended for the replacement of the Patullo Bridge are taking shape in the construction yard. On this occasion, Rubrica engineering has provided assistance in the initiation of the assembly of the segment lifting equipment. The progress in...
  • novembre 14, 2022
    Malolos Clark projec
    With the support of Acciona-Daelim and the constant effort of Rúbrica PH, the Malolos Clark project continues to make progress. During Rúbrica's latest visit to the Philippines, the manufacturing process of segments has been verified, and they are now ready...
  • septembre 27, 2022
    New subsidiary in Brazil
    We are delighted to announce the opening of our new subsidiary in Brazil. This exciting step allows us to expand our presence to new countries and open ourselves to a world of opportunities. With the addition of Brazil to our...
  • août 10, 2022
    Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, the world's longest immersed tunnel!
    We are delighted to share the exciting news of our collaboration on the impressive Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, the world's longest immersed tunnel!. Meva Formworks has partnered with Rúbrica to supply the necessary formwork for the construction of the 10 special elements...
  • Guillermo Gaviria Echeverri Tunnel by RÚBRICA TUNNELS
    juin 7, 2022
    First steps of our formwork equipment for the Guillermo Gaviria Echeverri tunnel
    (The Tunnel Guillermo Gaviria Echeverri is the Main tunnel of the Toyo Tunnel)The Toyo tunnel is a mega road infrastructure project located in the department of Antioquia, Colombia. The project is articulated with the 4G Highways, specifically the Vías Mar...