Bored tunnel formwork La línea – Carmelitas


Bored tunnel formwork La línea – Carmelitas

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: Hidalgo e Hidalgo
Country: Colombia
Location: Calarcá - Cajamarca
Year: 2018-19


Within the road infrastructure project known as "Cruce de la Cordillera Central" various annexed works are being developed with the purpose of facilitating traffic on National Route 40, one of the most important cross roads in Colombia, which links Bogotá with the coffee axis, the city of Cali and the port of Buenaventura, next to the Pacific Ocean. In the aforementioned journey, it is estimated that the work will reduce the travel time of heavy-duty vehicles by 90 minutes and that of light vehicles by 30 minutes.
It should be noted that the entire 30-kilometer central mountain range crossing project includes the construction of 25 tunnels, 31 bridges, 18 kilometers of second lane, and 3 road interchanges.

Important work in Colombia of the road for the crossing of the “Cordillera Central”, where several tunnels and bridges of varying length alternate, with a rugged orography and with large slopes to overcome, which requires special formwork equipment with characteristics adapted to these difficult terms.
For this, a equipment adaptable to three different sections is delivered for the execution of several short tunnels in the same geographical area but distanced from each other by sections still unpaved. The main characteristic of the equipment, in addition to the possibility of changing the section, is the use of caterpillars to move them due to the difficult orography between tunnel sections.

What was the challenge?:
A equipment is needed that gives an economic solution to the different sections of the tunnels and that allows the advance between them without the need for prior preparation of the terrain through which it circulates.
Get a formwork that would allow you to move quickly through unpaved terrain, with slopes of 11% and that would adapt to the variable sections of the project.