Underwater concrete formwork Sesimbra port


Underwater concrete formwork Sesimbra port

Rúbrica Maritime

Customer: Etermar engenharia e construcao, S.A.
Country: Portugal
Location: Sesimbra port
Year: 2020


Underwater concrete traveller with emergent crown and section:
Base 7 m wide x 1m high and main body 5 m wide x 7.6 m high x 7.5m long.
The equipment has active flotation at the front to be able to move it without the use of large cranes.
On the other hand, the mold has, in its inner part, a series of negatives to create an area for dissipating the waves in the concreted section. These negatives will go from the top of the wall to the beginning of the footing, that is, they will have a height of 7.6 m and the lower face of the same will have an 8º inclination.
Finally, the equipment has a tremie structure with two independent hoppers to facilitate the tasks of pouring concrete uniformly