Tunnel formwork equipment La Línea section tolima 2


Tunnel formwork equipment La Línea section tolima 2

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: Hidalgo e Hidalgo
Country: Colombia
Location: Cajamarca - Tolima
Year: 2020


Section with several tunnels of the work in Colombia of the causeway of the Central mountain range crossing. The tunnels are small but separated from each other with paved sections and the formwork must be moved from one to the other. It is a formwork with reduced advance (6m) adapted to the characteristics and lengths of the sections to be executed and whose main characteristic of the equipment is that the advance movement is carried out by means of solid rubber wheels that allow a smooth movement through the terrain of the work and good maneuverability.

Several short tunnels with asphalt sections between them that require little travel time and maximum functionality.

What was the challenge?:
Provide a small equipment with a movement system with solid rubber wheels that allows it to advance at a speed and manageability suitable for the conditions of the work.