Mine tunnel formwork in Buenavista

  Rubrica Tunnels

Customer: Coviandina SAS


Location: Villavicencio
Year: 2017-18

Composite equipment 4 tunnel formwork of 14.4m in length for lining the tunnels with radius 5.70 / 6.40m and 2 carriages of translation that allow the work in alternating beams or bataches, the installation of the ventilation duct and a wide passage of vehicles during its use.

Another self-supporting formwork of 5m forward and radius 8.13 / 6.40 is also supplied for the covering of the parking bay or siding, a telescopic formwork capable of being retracted so that it can pass through the smaller section of the main tunnel without the need to dismantle .

Both forms, the tunnel and parking bay, also have the option of combining to achieve a formwork of 4.8m forward for the execution of the sections in curve of smaller radius of the tunnel.

Together with the main forms, the base beam formwork as well as the formwork for the execution of the SOS niche are also supplied, a tunnel formwork that allows the joint execution of the niche cavity with the tunnel lining.