Bored tunnel form Caldearenas


Bored tunnel form Caldearenas

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: Acciona
Country: Spain
Location: Autovía A-23, Tramo: Alto de Monrepós-Caldearenas (Huesca)
Year: 2015


For the widening or siding area, the design of the translation traveler and panels have the characteristic of being telescopic and modular in transverse direction. The opening is done by means of a hydraulic system that allows, once opened, to lift the special shell pieces to execute the siding up to a width of 3m. In this project there is a conical transition of 50m in length between the normal section of the tunnel and that of the siding, so the opening is carried out in several steps that allow to assemble the different modular parts of the panels that combine to make the progressive transition The special pieces of the panels are transported and assembled from the traveler itself.The niche and junction formwork are coupled to the formwork to concretize at the same time and achieve better finishes and less execution time.

Self-supporting telescopic formwork of radius 6.53m and 12m feed for tunnel lining in mine and sidings: 1 unit of niche, 1 unit junction according to project, 2 units of formwork for drainage niche, 1 unit of galibero traveler.

What was the challenge?:
Extensible formwork in transverse direction for the concreting of the sidings, also allowing to execute the conical transition from the normal section of the tunnel to that of the siding of width 3m greater. In addition, the tunnel formwork is used in combination with the rest of the formwork that are delivered: formwork for the execution of the foundation beam, gutter and boot wall; three formwork for niches of different sizes; formwork for the junctions between gallery and tunnel; and the formwork of the connection and evacuation galleries.