Tunnel form equipment Deskarga GI-632


Tunnel form equipment Deskarga GI-632

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: UTE Deskarga (Construcciones Antzibar y Construcciones Moyua).
Country: España
Location: Bergara (Gipuzkoa)
Year: 2014


Construction project called Works of execution of the Beasain-Bergara-Durango corridor. Section to complete the works that separate the Urretxu-Legazpi link from the connection to the AP-1 motorway, in Bergara (Gipuzkoa).There are 10 kilometers in which two tunnels are located: Deskarga (620 meters) and San Miguel (890 meters); and five viaducts: Ipurrieteka (250 meters), La Antigua (250 meters), Lapatza (75 meters), Antzuola (220 meters) and Igeribarrerrota (70 meters).This section will allow the construction of a new road between Urretxu and Antzuola and the Bergara variant unfolding from two to four lanes. At the end of the work, the new GI-632 will be a 23-kilometer highway and will have two lanes in each direction.The Deskarga tunnel runs under the mountain pass of the same name. It has a length of 650 meters, plus some extensions in artificial tunnel in both nozzles, supporting a maximum coating on the upper part of shell of about 90 meters. These are two parallel tunnels, one for each direction of movement, with two lanes of 3.50 m., Shoulders of 1.0 m. and sidewalks of 0.75 m. wide

Equipment consisting of 1 formwork for tunnel lining in mine and false tunnel, (R = 5.70m, 15m advance), 1 translation form traveler, 1 formwork for the execution of the first phase of the tunnel lining (15 + 15 m .) and 1 formwork for the lining of the junction between gallery and tunnel, 1.5m radius.