Formwork traveller for Tunnel Legutiano 2-2


Formwork traveller for Tunnel Legutiano 2-2

Rúbrica Tunnels

Customer: Hergon Metropolitan
Country: España
Location: Legutiano
Year: 2013


Construction project of the Albertia tunnel, Bilbao-Donostia HSR. Legutiano Section (Álava) - Eskoriatza (Guipúzcoa), Subsection II.The new HSR will allow the interconnection of the three Basque capitals. Travel times between Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao will be 28 minutes; between Vitoria-Gasteiz and San Sebastián, 34 minutes; and 38 minutes between Bilbao and San Sebastián.The HSR is part of Priority Project No. 3 of the European Atlantic Railway Axis, giving continuity in Spanish territory to the Madrid-Valladolid-Vitoria / Gasteiz line, extending it to the French border.

Tunnel consisting of two tubes connected by auxiliary galleries every 400m. The left tunnel is 4.786m long and the right one is 4.777m.
Equipment consisting of 1 formwork and 1 formwork carriage, R1 = 4.58m and R2 = 7.75m, advance 15m.
Each tunnel has a free section of 57m2 that will house a single track of international gauge in each of them.
It allows the lower free passage for vehicles.

What was the challenge?:
Due to the technical conditions of the work, one of the travelers requires a special assembly procedure so that the structure can be assembled both outside and inside the tunnel excavation itself.