HSR tunnel formwork Mondragón-Elorrio-Bergara

  Rubrica Tunnels

Customer: UTE Sector 2 (Dragados, Tecsa Empresa Constructora y Construcciones Amenabar)


Location: Mondragón-Elorrio-Bergara (Gipuzkoa y Bizkaia)
Year: 2020
Self-supporting equipment composed of 1 formwork and 1 transfer traveler, R = 4.37m / 8.81m, advance 15m. and 1 formwork for the execution of the first phase of the tunnel lining.

Construction project for the East and West Karraskain high-speed rail tunnels and part of the East and West Udalaitz tunnels.This section called sector 2, with a length of 5.24 kilometers, runs through the municipalities of Arrasate, Elorrio and Bergara, between Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. The Bergara connection is the section of the railway platform that connects the three Basque capitals, and the bifurcation of the line, between them, which has been divided into three sectors.The section is made up of two single-track branches called the Mondragón-Bergara West Axis, with a length of 5,280 meters, and the Mondragón-Bergara East Axis, with 5,200 meters. This section connects with the Mondragón-Elorrio section and at the end with the Arrasate-Elorrio-Bergara section (sector 1),