RÚBRICA TUNNELS 2017: international consolidation

Mar 14, 2018 | News Highlights, Rubrica Tunnel

RÚBRICA TUNNELS: International Consolidation

RÚBRICA TUNNELS is the technical division of Rúbrica Engineering for the development of formwork equipment for bored tunnels.

In 2017 we consolidated our presence in highly competitive international markets, and with a maximum degree of demand, such as the Asian market, where we have collaborated with MEVA Formworks in the construction of the Princess Hill tunnel in Hong Kong where we provide a formwork for concreting of the upper slab. The formwork moves on rubber wheels of great capacity that allow a smooth advance by the surface of the tunnel and greater maneuverability; this innovation contributed determined the adjudication of the project. On the other hand, the tunnel layout presented changes of section and cant for what Rúbrica Túneles proposed solutions of adaptability of the formwork during its use with panels and adjustable elements, and assembly procedures adapted to customer requirements without interfering with other own works of the work. In addition, the material and documentation provided always complied with the strict quality requirements.

In relation to the South American market, and after 20 years of presence, Rúbrica Engineering further strengthens its position with the opening of RUBSTER, the company’s subsidiary in Colombia, with the proximity being a new differentiating degree.

In Colombia we have been present during this year in important works such as the Buenavista dual carriageway tunnel in Villavicencio, one of the longest in the country. Four formworks were provided that allow the work to bataches, an articulated formwork for the cladding of the sidings that also allows its passage through sections of smaller size, as well as global solutions for the rest of the work as formwork for footings, walls and niches.

Another relevant work has been the La Línea tunnel, where four formworks for the emergency gallery was delivered the previous year and now we have provided three formworks for the tunnel lining characterized by adapting to semi-finished tunnel sections in previous phases with equipment other manufacturers and the new stretches still to be coated with our equipment.

Finally, the Mulatos Pacífico 2 tunnel project, which has managed to offer a mixed formwork that combines reused material belonging to the client and from other works together with new manufacturing material, with a result and guaranteed final operation.

Already in Spain, we have carried out the works of the high speed train in Ourense such as the Prado Tunnel, Porto and Corga de Vela, with our formworks already in operation for some time and now providing technical support and solutions to the needs of the customers. Also in the road tunnel of Caldearenas in Huesca we continue this year, tunnel whose lining is about to end and once completed it will be a reference project in Spain.