Construction of the Mulatos tunnel formwork (Colombia)

Jan 9, 2019 | News Highlights, Rubrica Tunnel

Construction of the Mulatos tunnel in the Pacífico 2 connection highway concession in Colombia.

The equipment is composed of one formwork and one traveller of radius 6.40 / 4.66 m, and advance 15m divisible into two independent formworks of 9 m and 6 m. It is supplied together with one formwork for execution of the foundation beam.The supplied formwork is designed from the beginning so that it can be combined with pieces already existing formwork owned by the client. With this adaptability of new material and used, a reduction in the final costs of the project is achieved.The formwork allows to vary its length by laying to get higher yields in straight sections, and better finished in curved sections, being able to transform between lengths of 15 m, 9 m and 6 m according to the needs of each section of work. In addition, with the modulations of 9 and 6 m it is possible to work together by means of alternate layings, so that productivity is not reduced even though the shortest layings are placed.

This project is developed by Rubster Engineering, our partner in Colombia.