Nov 11, 2011 | Rubrica

The seaport pier construction in Sines (Portugal) has been completed, where our self-launching truss (patented model) has been used. With this system we manage to construct a monolithic pier between expansion joints, and thus achieve a more structurally stable element with higher durability compared to prefabricated piers. As the pier construction progresses, it is completely finished except for the installation of the defenses, bollards, and installations, and it may be – as has been the case – used for docking boats while the pier construction was under progress.

Sines Pier is made up of 4 modules of the following lengths: 101, 78, 90, and 78 meters, in total the finished pier measures 347 meters, with a total width of 36.3 meters. The slab rests on 5 rows of piles with transverse separations between 4 and 9.5 m and longitudinal separations of 6 and 12 meters.
A weekly section progress of 12 meters, with a concrete volume of 460 m3, and 50 tons of reinforcement, has been achieved with our new system.

After completing the construction, we can sum up this prototype experience as an absolute success at the levels of good constructive practice, reduction of times, practical system, and with the method of placing all the structural elements under the formwork, it has made it possible to clear the entire slab working area, making the reinforcement and concrete works easier, thus reducing needs for manpower and auxiliary means, and all this resulting in a very high economic performance.

For this reason it is a satisfaction for us to review this piece of news, as this experience has been a complete success, and because given these results, the construction of the new Botafoc piers in the Port of Ibiza will be started this month, with our innovative self-launching truss system.