Jul 1, 2024 | Others

Rúbrica Engineering at the NAT 2024 Conference!

This week, Rúbrica Engineering had the honor of attending the Underground Construction Association conference at NAT 2024! This event is a key milestone in the field of underground engineering, bringing together experts and professionals from around the world.

Our participation in NAT 2024 has been an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders, exchange innovative ideas, and explore new possibilities in the underground construction sector. At Rúbrica Engineering, we firmly believe in the importance of staying at the forefront of knowledge and best practices, and this conference has been a perfect platform for that.

We are excited about the new ideas and collaborations that emerged during the event and look forward to implementing these innovations in our future projects. Thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to making NAT 2024 an unforgettable experience!