Renovation works of the Club de Mar, Palma

May 18, 2020 | Rubrica Maritime

The complete renovation of the Club de Mar has started and the works will be expected to finish in 2022. They will be carried out by the construction companies FCC and the Mallorcan Vopsa, and will turn this port into a the most modern in the whole Mediterranean (Club del Mar)

Rúbrica Engineering, through her division RÚBRICA MARITIME, has delivered single-arm grippers for lifting and placing blocks of 17 Tn. The single-arm friction gripper is designed under UNE regulations EN-13155, for handling and placing the blocks on the breakwater and considers a useful life of 5,000 cycles.The lifting single-arm grippers equipments are supplied with CE marking and certificate.

Single-arm grippers By RÚBRICA MARITIME

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