e-mosty magazine article: Formwork Travellers for the Atlantic Bridge

Our Special Project Coordinator, Paula Rinaudo, has wrote a great article about Rúbrica Formwork Travellers for Atlantic Bridge in Panama.

You can see:

Thank you Vinci Construction Grand Projects.

Congratulations Paula and all Rúbrica team!!


20 December 2017
New tunnel in Hong Kong

Rubrica engineering has designed and manufactured a formwork for the construction of a curved slab inside the Princess Hill Tunnel in Hong Kong.

22 November 2017
New project: Capping beam in Haifa (Israel)

Haifa Port is the greatest maritime port of Israel, with 22 mill tn of load. On this ocassion, Rubrica Engineering has designed and manufatured an ad hoc solution of capping beam as a fundamental element of protection against the sea. The formwork panels are there, so the ejecution process start.

02 August 2017
ACHE Speech: Mersey Gateway Traveller

The last week our CTO was invited VIII International Structures Congress in A Coruña (Spain), managed by ACHE

The speech was about balanced cantilever method in situ concreting, and of the Mersey Gateway Traveller than Rúbrica engineering developed and it represented one of the last case studies.

05 July 2017
The site is resumed in the Prado Tunnel (Madrid-Galicia high-speed line)

The site is resumed in the Prado Tunnel (UTE TUNNEL PRADO - Dragados, Tecsa), corresponding to the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line, Puebla de Sanabria-Lubián-Ourense section, Subsection Prado, Unique HSR (High Speed Railway ). Left-hand (7.6km). This site is part of the construction project called High Speed Northeast Corridor.

RUBRICA TUNELES provides self-supporting equipment consisting of 4 formworks and two translation travellers, R = 4.37 / 8.81m, 15m advance, and formwork for the 1st phase of the tunnel lining, (30 + 30m).

11 May 2017


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