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La rénovation complète du Club de Mar a commencé et la fin des travaux est prévue pour 2022, ils seront réalisés par les entreprises de construction FCC et Mallorcan Vopsa, et feront de ce port le plus moderne de toute la Méditerranée. (Club del Mar) Rúbrica...

Works keep going ahead in Maputo Port

The status of our self-launching falsework patented is really good and works go ahead. The closing phase of the dock begins with the assembly of the structure for the edge zone.

Single arm friction grippers for La Esfinge Port

Last test before loading two single arm friction grippers for La Esfinge Port in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They will be in charge of the movement and positioning of 5 tn and 8 tn cubic blocks for the protection of the coast. This model of gripper has been supplied...

Sheet pile wall in Caucedo Port

The first phase guiding structure is already prepared to start driving the piles for the construction of the sheet pile wall in Caucedo port, Santo Domingo.