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Status Consorcio Vía Al Mar 1 Bridge, Colombia

The Prosperity Highway project has as its main objective to generate a road interconnection between the city of Medellín with the main highway concessions in the country, and which, in turn, connect it with the main commercial exchange centers such as the Caribbean...

Time-lapse pre-assembly Cebu Link Expressway Main Bridge

Preassembly of one of the symmetrical halves that form the inner formwork for the Cebu Link Expressway main bridge. In the preassembly a simulation of the movement the formwork will have to do is conducted to test its correct operation. Due to the situation of the...

Starting works of the finishing platform in Edinburgh

The assembly of the Finishing Platform has begun in Edinburgh. There are 3 platforms of 40m each, which will provide access to workers on the bottom surface of the already finished deck of Queensferry Crossing Bridge.