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Starting works of the finishing platform in Edinburgh

The asssembly of the Finishing Platform has begun in Edinburgh. There are 3 platforms of 40m each, which will provide access to workers on the bottom surface of the already finished deck of Queensferry Crossing Bridge.

Our engineers giving assistance in Reunion Island

Last week, our engineers Paula Rinaudo and Juan Novoa, has been in Reunion Island giving assistance in the next points: Spreader beam is already assembly and onsite test are being done. Test on air, to check proper behavior of winches and hydraulic system were...

Supervision formwork platform , Atlantic Bridge, Panamá

Last week our Production Control department did a supervision work for our cliente, Vinci Grand Projects, in the Atlantic bridge of Panamá. The procedure consisted in the assembly and installations of a platform below of the panel, to carry out the operations of the...