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Mattress connection structure in Reunion Island

Once again, Rubrica Engineering has made possible a very special project: a mattress connection structure in Reunión Island. Now, we are in assembly phase, with the first 6 portions of the secondary structure and two of the main box beams are pre-assembly on quay.

Formwork travellers for construction of the arch of the Almonte River Bridge

Our CTO, Tomasz Smich and Enrique Bordó (Structures Department, IDEAM) have written a very nice article "Formwork travellers for construction of the arch of the Almonte River Bridge"  for `Hormigón y Acero´ magazine. Abstract: description of the travellers formwork...

RUBRICA TUNNELS: international consolidation

RÚBRICA TUNNELS: International Consolidation RÚBRICA TUNNELS is the technical division of Rúbrica Engineering for the development of formwork equipment for bored tunnels. In 2017 we consolidated our presence in highly competitive international markets, and with a...


Our Tunnel formwork is ready for starting the works in Buenavista Tunnel, Colombia.

Working on the N25 New Ross Bypass

RUBRICA BRIDGES is working on the site N25 New Ross Bypass with our wing formwork traveller.

New tunnel in Hong Kong

Rubrica engineering has designed and manufactured a formwork for the construction of a curved slab inside the Princess Hill Tunnel in Hong Kong. The formwork panels have dimensions of 13.00 mts x 12.00 mts and a variable height of 6.00 mts to 7.30 mts. (approx.) The...